Mother Gives Birth Twice But Has Never Experienced 'Real' Pregnancy

When I think of being pregnant, I think of discomfort, pain, and a whale-sized belly. But one woman has figured out the secret to the perfect pregnancy: She doesn't see it, she doesn't feel it, and she doesn't know it exists! Amanda Burger was 33 years old and had an 11-year-old son, yet she didn't know she was pregnant until the second the kid decided to enter the world. Normally when you hear this kind of fantastical story, the mom is young and has no idea of the symptoms of pregnancy or she's overweight. In this case, it was neither. Amanda just didn't HAVE any symptoms of pregnancy. Except for, you know, the baby.


Two years ago, Amanda woke up at 4 a.m. with mysterious stomach cramps. She and her husband went to the hospital thinking it was a problem with her appendix. But, lo and behold, Amanda was giving birth. She says the baby "pretty much just fell out."

Not only was the birth itself supereasy, but the pregnancy was, well -- pretty much nonexistent. Although Amanda had a "weird" feeling for months that made her take three pregnancy tests, they all came up negative. Other than that, she had no nausea, no breast swelling, no kicking inside her belly -- and she even continued to have regular periods! She says she only gained 15-20 pounds and would even wear a bikini outside. And no one asked if she was pregnant! Woah.

Imagine -- no worrying about eating brie or sushi! No buying a whole new wardrobe! Of course, there's the downside. Like, uh, not knowing you're having a kid. Amanda wasn't careful about what she ate or drank, had no prenatal care, and didn't prepare for anything. Thankfully it turned out fine. If this is the way all pregnancies went, I'd probably have 20 kids by now. Especially if this is the way the raising of the kids went too.

Experts say what happened to Amanda is very rare. But she must be built for a nonexistent pregnancy because this was her second kid and she didn't realize she was preggo with her first kid until she was almost six months along. Amanda told CNN:

I've never really had a 'real' pregnancy. I have two kids and no real pregnancy.

I'd say this was "real" -- just a whole lot better!

When did you know you were pregnant?


Image via LizDavenportCreative/Flickr

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