Guy Gets 2 Minutes to Do Kid's Art Project & We're Glad It's Not Us (VIDEO)

school project face offTell me if you've heard this one: "Mom, I've gotta do a project for school! Oh yeah, and it's due tomorrow." Been there, done that ... even if we did use crazy glue because we were out of the real stuff!

I have learned from talking to other moms that those of us who find out about the school project the night before its due are the lucky ones -- at least we have a night to try to come up with poster board, pipe cleaners, and 15 reasons Abraham Lincoln was the best president.

The real trick is getting a school project done in just a few minutes on one crazy morning. And as two men discovered in the latest edition of Mom Vs. Man, it's no mean feat. Behold two men trying to earn free drinks and best the moms who can make a school project in 2 minutes flat:


OK, Cody's wasn't bad. I see why he won the drinks, but Steven, Steven, Steven! With his glue fascination, I have to wonder if he was the kid who ate it in kindergarten (oh come on, every class has one of those kids!).

To be honest, both of these guys were actually given a huge gift here. They had everything they needed to MAKE the project. That's my real struggle. I make my daughter actually do most of the work (she just finished first grade, so parent help was still required for certain things this year), but providing the means to make it happen can be tough ... especially because she tends to use up all our craft supplies making birthday cards, posters, and general refrigerator clutter!

What is the biggest thing standing between your kid and a good school project? Do you have a procrastinator in your house too?

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Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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