Your Toddler Put WHAT In His Mouth?!

toddler eating flowerSome kids like to put everything in their mouth. The other day my daughter was licking the window screen and said it was delicious. My son enjoys rock tasting. The ones he really likes he carries around with him. And he also has one car he plays with that also apparently tastes as good as candy. And we're not even going to get into boogers.

Oh how I wish my kids would get over this phase. I know I'm not alone. I got the scoop from other parents on the crazy things their kids put in their mouths ... and some you won't believe. Well, maybe you can if you have a toddler, too.


One 2-year-old was playing in the dirt when his dad noticed him chewing something so he went over to him and noticed he had one beetle in his hand and what looked like some remains of another in his mouth.

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This is embarrassing but when I was just a wee one, it's believed that I ate some doggie poop. I went up to my parents with a little log of puppy yuck in my hand and a questionable smear on my face. Ilk.

They seem to find everything on the floor, even things you can't see as one mom realized when he daughter came to her with a wet aspirin that apparently had fallen out of sight. She put it in her mouth to eat it, didn't like the taste, so gave it to mom. Thank goodness.

Barrettes look real pretty in little girls' hair but not so pretty when they poop them out. One mom told me how her daughter ate her hair clip -- metal and all -- and when they rushed her to the hospital, they were told all was fine and it didn't damage anything inside. They just had to wait until it passes through. It did. An agonizing week later.

Be careful when you are sweeping because one dad shared that his son actually picked up a dust bunny and devoured it.

Has your kid eaten anything crazy lately?


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