Sneaky Boy's Reaction to Hot Pepper Is Freaking Priceless (VIDEO)

little kid hot pepperThe funniest thing about this little boy's reaction to a bright yellow pepper that turns out to be one heckuva spicy meat-a-ball? He totally thought he was getting away with something. Because clearly at some point, somebody was all, "Don't eat that pepper, okay?" and he was like, "Why not?" and the somebody was all, "Because I said so," and he was like, "But why?" and the somebody was all, "Just eat your lunch and stop asking questions," and the kid was like, "I'm SO gonna eat that pepper when nobody's looking! I will EAT that pepper! It will be mine!" (That last part was in his head, of course.)

And then, inevitably, the kid discovered WHY that grown-up somebody told him not to eat the pepper ...


Because the pepper was hot as all get out! Burnin' hot! OW!!

And the face he makes is cute as all get out. OMG. Just watch:

Oh, and the other funniest thing? His sister's reaction to his reaction. Or lack thereof. She's all, "Whatever. My brother's being dumb. Again. I'm just gonna sip my soda." (That last part was in her head, of course.)

Has your kid ever had a reaction like this to a super spicy food?


Image via MajorCHAU/YouTube

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