5 Weirdest Things We've Seen Kids Do With Toys

Jeanne Sager | Jul 5, 2012 Being a Mom

Toy boxThere are times when I have myself convinced that I am raising a normal, well-adjusted child. And then I walk into her playroom, and the bizarro things she's done with her toys reminds me she's anything but normal ... and that's OK, because it makes life much more interesting.

Remember that wacky boat scene in the original Willy Wonka movie -- the good one with Gene Wilder, not the creepy one where Johnny Depp seems to be channeling a pedophile? -- that's what it's like walking into the space where a kid plays sometimes. It's this other, trippy world where stuffed animals are discovered coated in Vaseline and the floor is littered with little rubber wheels which have all been removed from plastic cars.

But fear not, we have evidence that your child is not the strangest in the land! The Stir has a whole slew of absolutely, shall we say interesting things that kiddos have done in the name of "fun" with their toys. Go ahead, laugh at them. We did!

What are the most bizarre positions you've discovered your kids toys in?


Image via Jeanne Sager

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