Creepy Bikini Romper Is Too Sexy for Baby Girls (PHOTO)

bikini romperBet you didn't think the "sexing up young girls" trend could get any creepier, did you? Ah, if only ... because the bikini romper from Bon Bebe is pretty much dripping with sleaze. And yup, it's made for a baby girl.

Unlike the baby bikinis that make me roll my eyes (seriously y'all, your daughter doesn't actually have anything there to hold that top UP), the romper is made to fit the average baby body. The creep factor comes in when you look at the design on the front -- a woman's hourglass figure with a bikini drawn on. And unlike your baby, this woman definitely can fill out that swimsuit top

Yup, she's a busty babe on your little babe., and all I've got to ask is why?


Why would anyone actually want to put this on their baby girl? Do you really want someone looking at your darling infant and thinking the words "busty bikini babe"?

That's what this romper does: it puts an image in someone's mind that wouldn't be there otherwise. Babies in bikinis don't make you jump to the "ooh, sexy" place because nothing is LESS sexy than a baby. But when the picture on the romper is specifically that of a sexy woman, well, what else are people supposed to think?

This romper reminds me of those sweatpants with words like "juicy" or "love" written on the butt that I see on tweenaged girls at the mall. By buying them for their daughters, parents are actually begging someone to stare at her rear end. Not much different, right?

A few years ago, one of my favorite parenting essayists, Celia Rivenbark, said of the whole sexy little girl clothing trend: There is no distinction between a kid in second grade and one in twelfth grade and a college grad who's started her first real job.

Isn't it sad that now we're wishing the tarting up stopped in second grade? The fact that it's creeped into the baby stage makes me want to hide ... forever.


Would you buy this thing for your baby girl?


Image via Just Kids Store

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