Real Moms Bare Their Postpartum Bellies

baby bellyFinally, real women are daring to show the world their real mom bodies. Proclaiming to the world, “I am woman. I am real. Hear me roar!” A group of moms, bloggers at, regular moms just like you and I, decided no more. No more accepting the status quo and hiding their post partum body because it didn’t look like the typical celebrity’s post partum body.

There is so much pressure from society to be beautiful and perfect; do we really need to put that pressure on ourselves? We live in a world where there is no forgiveness for imperfection. The status quo is that we strive for beauty at any cost or at least we die trying. Perfect or bust.


I think these moms rock. I could never do what they did. It takes big balls to be a "normal" mom and bare your post baby belly. I wish I could. I won’t lie; I have succumbed to societies peer pressure over the years. My body, like most women, is my sore spot. It’s the one thing that most women are very guarded about, especially after having a baby. That new skin you are in leaves many women feeling vulnerable in a way that only another woman can truly understand.

The simple fact is, in today’s world, we worship perfection. How can we not when the celebrity moms have their rocking pre-baby bodies back within 2 weeks after giving birth? Not to mention the fact that their pre-baby bodies had zero body fat, six-pack abs and well defined muscle throughout. Most celebrity moms are photoshopped and starved into having the bodies of 12-year-old boys. It’s very intimidating and it sets an impossible standard for mothers just as detrimental to women as the waif thin models do for our teens. Honestly, celebrity moms, where does all of your loose skin go? Is there top secret special medical waste plant built just for housing celebrity post-partum skin?

We need to unify as women and show the world that this is what having a baby looks like. The Beyoncé’s of the world are the exception, not the rule. Beyoncé gets to sleep in and has nannies to watch her baby while her trainer whips that post baby body back into shape. We non-celebrity moms have very little free time, even less sleep and usually no help. Its hard work looking your best when you are surviving on coffee, 3 hours of sleep and whatever food you can scavenge in between feedings.

These working moms in Connecticut have the right idea. To do this, we need to stop comparing ourselves to celebrities and stop judging one another. We should be proud of our post baby bodies for what they’ve done. I don’t care if you had your baby two weeks ago, two months ago or two years ago; growing babies is hard work and you should be proud of yourself. Let’s start a movement. Dare to bare those post baby bellies. Mommies of the world unite!

Image via Abarefoot/ Flickr


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