Dog & Baby Share Chew Toy .... Yuck! (VIDEO)

baby pugMINES! Mines curly rawhide bacon thing!! It's a baby/puppy battle for the ages: Who will claim the delicious chewy chew-chew for his very own?! Hey, wait a sec ... I have a dog, and I've had a couple of babies, and that chewy chew-chew came from the pet store, not the toy store. Meaning that dried-up hunk of curly meat is fit for canine consumption, not human consumption ... ewww.

Okay, okay -- to be fair, both babies and puppies put EVERYTHING in their mouths and when you consider what horrific objects the average baby ends up gnawing on at some point or another, I guess a twirly rawhide ain't so bad. Still, should such sharing between species be encouraged?


Probably not, but honestly, I can't blame this mom for letting the camera roll for a few minutes before stopping the slobber fest. They're just soooo cute!!! And hey, aren't dogs' mouths supposed to be cleaner than humans' mouths?

Just watch:

See what I mean? So ridiculously adorable, I'd have a tough time breaking this fight up myself. Um, all's fair in love and building up baby's immune system?

What would you do if your baby got ahold of a dog toy?


Image via Monica Sheldon/YouTube

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