7 Wackiest Pregnancy Fears

pregnant womanMoms worry. It's just what we do. And any woman who has been pregnant will tell you that the anxiety begins long before delivery. For a lot of us, it starts from the moment we see that positive sign on the pregnancy test.

So I had to laugh when mom-to-be Vanessa Lachey recently revealed her biggest bump phobia: that her belly button will pop out. "My stylist was like, ‘You don’t want that to pop. That’s like having a third nipple’," she said during a sit-down on Bethenny. So now, ever time she sneezes, "I hold my belly button in,” she admitted. “For some reason, I think I’m going to sneeze it out.”

Well, sorry to tell you Vanessa, it may be unavoidable. The navel pops up like a turkey timer at the tail end of the second semester but not to worry. It goes back in a few months after delivery.

Here are six other wacky pregnancy fears:


"My morning sickness is keeping my baby from getting enough food."  Relax. No matter what you eat or how much, your baby will suck all the nutrients out of it to get what it needs. Good thing is, the really bad bouts of nausea usually end by the second trimester. In general try to eat healthy meals, stay hydrated and take your prenatal vitamins and you both should be fine.

"The baby knows when we are having sex." I am sure you have a future genius in there but trust me, the baby is clueless about what's going on in the womb. All she feels is the rocking motion.

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"I'll poop during delivery." The thought may be horrifying but it's just a reality of vaginal delivery. With all that pushing and straining, it just happens sometimes. Don't fret. Doctors have seen it all and are rarely grossed out by anything. And I always think back to what my Granny Ethel Mae always says, "More room out than in."

"I won't make it to the hospital in time." We've all heard those freakish birth stories about delivering in a cab, plane or department store dressing room. In actuality, most women have time to shower, comb your hair, pack a bag and make a few calls. The typical labor lasts between 12 and 18 hours.

"Laying on my tummy will smush the baby." There's plenty of room and protective padding in there. The bigger question is if that position is comfy and as your belly grows, it may actually be impossible to do.

"My water will break in public and I will literally flood the area."  Some woman make a big splash but for most it's more like a trickle. But don't worry too much about making a mess in line at the grocery store. Most amniotic sacs do not break until active labor and by then you will probably already be at the hospital.

What are your biggest pregnancy fears?


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