Hilarious 3-Year-Old Belts Out Gotye Like a Rock Star (VIDEO)

3-year-old sings gotyeIt's always adorable whenever little kids try and imitate hit songs that are on the radio, but this 3-year-old boy singing Gotye's "Somebody I Used to Know" really took things to the next level.

Instead of simply humming along or quietly mumbling the lyrics, he got his groove on and BELTED out the words -- and even had the appropriate facial expressions to go with the lines of the song. I mean, this kid got INTO it, and really looked like he was feeling the weight of breaking things off with the love of his life.


Take a look at the video clip of this precious little dude and his bold set of pipes -- and try not to laugh out loud at how stinkin' cute he is.

OMG. Could you even stand it? How funny is this little guy? He definitely has the makings of a future rock star based on that performance. I'd give him a record deal, wouldn't you?

What songs do your kids like to sing?


Image via MSN video

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