Kids Give Hilariously Smart Dating Advice to Single Lady (VIDEO)

kid dating adviceCan you imagine your kid dishing out solid relationship advice? Believe it or not, he might have some words of wisdom on matters of the heart. I'll never forget the time my then 6-year-old daughter told me I should "find a boyfriend who has a lot of money and no kids" and likes to buy me presents because "it would get annoying if you had to, like, ask him to buy you stuff all the time. He should just do that anyway." (See what I mean about words of wisdom?)

Writer and actress Corey Podell knows what I'm talking about. In her video "Kidstructive Criticism," Podell asks the playground set for their take on such modern love issues as online dating and "the friend zone," and let me just say ... their answers do not disappoint!


Here are a few of my favorite Q&A moments from this clip:

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Q: What if I'm, like, stuck in the "friend zone" with this guy and can't get out?

A: Just cancel.

Q: Should I join

A: No!

Q: Why?

A: Because you just shouldn't!

Q: What do you look for in a girlfriend?

A: Pretty much the prettiness.

Just watch ...

Which kid is your favorite? I bet the thing about dating sisters cracked you up. Pretty solid counsel overall, though, wouldn't you say?

What kind of dating advice do you think your kid would give?


Image via hellogiggles/YouTube

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