Kindergarten Class Channels Madonna During Graduation Performance (VIDEO)

Kindergarten VogueLet's face it. Any time you have a group of kindergarteners together singing songs with their sweet little voices, it's bound to be an ovary flipper. But the teacher who decided his kindergarten class should dance around to Madonna's "Vogue" during their graduation ceremony wins the prize for most likely to make you awww this week.

I'll admit I was a little confused at first. Madonna? For 5-year-olds? I'm sure there are parents out there who wouldn't even let their kids watch the original "Vogue" video (ahem, remember the nipple scandal? Wait, am I showing my age here?). But the way these kids make your heart melt is a nice little reminder that kids can put a whole new -- and clean! -- spin on something that's been around for-evah! Check them out:


OK, now that I have the song stuck in your head ...

It's an odd pairing, but it works, right? At the very least it's better than hearing yet another group of kids sing the ABC song at their kindergarten graduation!

Kind of makes me want to pull out all my old Madonna albums and play them for my 7-year-old. I think she'd love Voguing around even if she has no clue what she's singing about. That's the real thing -- "kid music" doesn't have to mean something you find in the children's section at iTunes. As long as it's catchy, the sky is the limit. And come on, you know they'll be cute whatever they're singing.

What do you think of kids dancing and singing to Madonna?


Image via ArtAvina/YouTube

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