A New Mom Undergoing Chemotherapy Shares What It's Really Like (VIDEO)

joanna montgomery & baby

The second episode in the 10-part mini-documentary series, "It's Cancer, Baby," is entitled "The Fight", and gives a behind the scenes view of the chemotherapy I am receiving as part of my battle against cancer. 

When I've been in the infusion ward of the cancer center, I've seen other patients with their small private rooms full of people. Some have a crowd with them; others have one or two people in the room with them for the entire treatment -- which usually takes all day -- even when they are sleeping. Rarely do I see patients sitting alone while they are receiving treatment.

I am one of the few exceptions.


Despite many and repeated offers from my family, close friends, co-workers and even people I don't know that well, to come sit with me during treatment, I typically go alone. Sometimes I have someone come sit with me at lunch or stop by for coffee, but I typically go it solo. Partly because the drugs they give you before the chemo knock you out for a good few hours and I don't feel comfortable sleeping when I have "company." (A good Southern girl always plays the hostess...).  But mostly because I like the quiet time. 

Therefore, I felt a bit vulnerable when I agreed to let CafeMom film me in chemo for this project. But I'm glad I did. This is a very real part of cancer treatment, the hours spent in infusion wards. This is how it is. And a lot of people have no idea what "going to chemo" is really like.

If you'd like to share in this part of my journey, you can watch it here:


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