5 Road Trip Sing-Along Songs Kids Must Learn Before Leaving

Ah, the family road trip. Depending on the ages of your kids it can either be a blast or a nightmare of epic proportion. For those of us who don't have TVs in the back of our cars (or double iPads) or who just prefer to stay old-fashioned, there is nothing more important for these drives than sing-alongs (well, OK, snacks help, too, but songs are a close second). 

For toddlers, there are so many songs they can sing that can occupy them for hours. Some are silly, some are gross, and some are just downright fun. Some can even teach your kid a thing or two. After all, 99 Bottles of Milk on the Wall teaches them to count down and takes a LOOOONG time to get through. Big win!

Here are the 5 songs your kid needs to learn before your summer road trip:

  • 99 Bottles of Milk on the Wall: OK, OK so we all know this is about beer. But change it up for a toddler and they will never know the difference. Bonus points for the math readiness, too!
  • Down by the Bay: This is one of my son's favorites and it is a lot of fun. The lyrics can be changed up, too, which can help it be both silly and funny for little ones to get creative.
  • This is the Song That Never Ends: This one is annoying as can be, but it is a great one to keep them going for hours. And hours. And hours. Or not. It's a question on how long you can take it, really.
  • Little Red Wagon: This is a favorite with my two. They love to sing it louder. And louder. AND LOUDER!
  • Henry the 8th, I Am: Ah, we all know this one. On and on it goes. This one teaches kids about history (leave out the beheading) and will also keep them occupied for a long, looooong time.


What are your favorite sing-along songs?




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