'32 & Pregnant' Spoof Shows Having a Baby Is Hilariously Hard at Any Age (VIDEO)

32 and pregnantListen up, you pregnant teens with your drama-filled reality shows and mugshot-filled scrapbooks: Pregnant adults have it rough, too! Just take the moms-to-be featured in 32 and Pregnant, a hilarious send-up of 16 and Pregnant from the folks at Punch! Just because these ladies have attentive babydaddies and charming brownstones and fancy appliances doesn't mean they don't have problems.

Just take Bryn, so heartbroken she's lying on the floor and sobbing: "My health insurance won't cover a home birth!"


Oh, the humanity!! What I really love about this parody is how perfectly it captures all those 16 and Pregnant trademarks so perfectly, from camera angles to background music to the drawings-in-a-spiral-bound-notebook theme.

Perfect example? Watch the spat between the couple towards the end of this clip ...


Omg, I totally thought they were going to have a real argument for a second there! That spot-on 16 and Pregnant style nearly fooled me.

I'm soooo dying for this to become an actual series. It would be the funniest thing on TV.

What was your favorite part of 32 and Pregnant?


Image via PunchApp/YouTube

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