Pregnant Women Who Drink 'A Little' Wine Are Asking to Be Judged

woman drinking wineA new campaign in Australia is aiming to discourage women from taking even a few sips of alcohol during their pregnancy. The initiative cost $350,000 and has support of the state government.

They are recommending that women who are either pregnant or trying to get pregnant refrain from drinking alcohol altogether -- because there is not concrete proof of whether or not small amounts of alcohol have an effect on the unborn baby. They have concluded it's just not worth the risk -- and I have to agree with them on this one.


When I first found out I was pregnant, I can remember going out to dinner with my husband and seeing a heavily pregnant woman at the table next to us sipping a glass of red wine with her meal. And while I'd heard from quite a few people that it was perfectly safe to have a glass here and there while expecting -- something about watching her drink that wine with a baby bump really turned me off. (And I wasn't the only person in the restaurant who was staring at her & judging her up and down.)

From that point forward, I knew there was no way I would dare go near alcohol until after my son arrived. But that doesn't mean I wasn't tempted to break down and have one tiny little drink -- especially on New Year's Eve. We celebrated at my parents' house that year, and I remember wanting to have a taste or two of champagne in the worst way. I almost gave in and took a sip -- but then I thought about the potential negative effect it could have on my baby, and I refrained.

Plenty of pregnant women have enjoyed a glass of wine or two and wound up delivering perfectly healthy babies, but savoring a little vino just doesn't seem worth the risk of having something interfere with your unborn baby's health or development. There's plenty of time for happy hour after the baby arrives -- and that's when moms really need a drink to unwind anyway.

Have you had any alcohol during your pregnancy?


Image via Hans Voorn/Flickr

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