Touchy Moms Need to Toughen Up When It Comes to Parenting 'Advice' From Others

kid with pacifierIt would be great if the only words we ever heard about our parenting were laced with positivity, support, and good wishes. Unfortunately, that's not always the case as friends, family members, and even complete strangers come out of nowhere with advice/criticism about every move we make ... or don't make.

It can be irritating and even infuriating, but the extent to which we let it bother us is unfortunate too. We teach our kids sticks and stones, but many of us let words hurt us way more than we should. According to a new study from Pull-Ups, as many as one in three moms has had a falling out with someone because of unwarranted advice; one in four moms has cut people out of their lives because of it. That seems pretty extreme.


People can be rude, plain and simple, and we as parents really need to just practice getting over it. Sure, it stings to have anyone put doubt in our minds about what we're doing -- especially when we have plenty of doubts ourselves -- but it's only hurting us to get that upset about rude comments. And we really can't cut the entire world out.

Here are the top 10 comments that offend moms, as outlined by the Daily Mail.

1. "Aren't they tall/short?" 

2. "When my child was that age, he/she was already walking, talking, etc."

3. "Your child is very boisterous."

4. "They should be talking more by now."

5. "They should be sleeping through the night by now."

6. "You shouldn't give them a dummy [pacifier]."

7. "They don't eat very well, do they?"

8. "They should be walking by now."

9. "They should be crawling by now."

10. "They should have given up their dummy by now."

There are all kinds of flip responses and ways you can bite back at people who make such comments, but is it really worth your time and energy? People make comments for so many reasons -- many I believe truly are trying to help -- but I think the majority of them simply just don't think before they speak.

There may be some cases in which someone maliciously verbally attacks you repeatedly, and in those cases, cutting them out of your life is obviously justifiable. But for the most part, we should just nod and smile, and then do what we think is right. We need to realize that no matter what anyone says, we know our children best, and no one's words can change that.

What parenting "advice" and comments from others bother you the most? Have you ever ended a relationship because of it?

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