What It Takes to Be a Good Dad -- According to Kids (VIDEO)

how to be a dadMoms, I hate to break it to you, but all the reasons you think your significant other is a great father don't matter to your kid. Oh yeah, they benefit from his hard work and belief in equality and all that jazz, but they really don't care. What the kids think makes a good dad is much more specific ... and that's what makes it absolutely hilarious.

A video of Chicago-area first graders talking fatherhood that's making the rounds on the interwebs this month is chock a block with kid wisdom on what they look for in a dad. Moms, you better listen up; you've got some learning to do. That is unless you picked your partner based on how hairy his chest was?

Get a load of the honest and honestly hilarious criteria these cuties came up with for what makes a good dad:


1. Have a hairy chest. Well, of course. The better to yank on when you're a newborn just figuring out all that hand coordination business!

2. Never say "Toodles." I have to agree. Grown men should not say "toodles," they should say goodbye. Actually, this applies to all grown-ups ... not just fathers.

3. Have really good eyesight. I must say this would come in handy when your 7-year-old can't remember where her other sneaker is ... 5 minutes after she took it off. (Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything ... ahem).

4. Live in a mansion. And my husband was doing so good for awhile there. Sorry honey!

5. Have legs and arms that stretch and stretch. Wait, are we talking a dad or Stretch Armstrong here?

The kids have plenty more wisdom for us all, if you want to check it out ... trust me, it sounds sweeter coming from them:

What would your kids say makes their dad awesome? Is it silly or sweet?


Image via HTDEverything/YouTube

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