4 Hilarious Father's Day Videos to Celebrate Dads Everywhere (VIDEOS)

father's dayHappy Father's Day! Today we celebrate the men in our lives who have held us, fed us, taught us how to ride a bike and drive a car, and maybe even cried when we first left home. And we celebrate the men who are helping us raise our own children. A brave new generation of men who change diapers and cook dinner (right?).

At our place we're celebrating with donuts and bacon because that's how we roll. But we're also taking a break from the Father's Day cards and Daddy Worship to enjoy a few laughs with these sweet and wacky Father's Day videos


This one's from a couple years ago but it's so good I think we should see it every Father's Day. It's called Dad Life -- bet you never thought a dad could look so ganster behind the wheel of a minivan.

Comic Louis CK talks about how becoming a father forced him to become a real man.

Shay Carl shows us why he's such a FUN DAD! Moms, you may want to hide your eyes. Shay demonstrates everything that makes us nervous about fatherhood -- that risk-taking, wilding fun dads like to have that sometimes ends up in an injury or two. God bless these fathers, would our kids ever learn how to take risks without them?

I know your dad is cool, but can he do THIS?

Mad Skilz! Playin' rough, fixin' stuff. But seriously, now. Happy Father's Day to the amazing father of my son, to my sweet father-in-law, to my own dad, my brothers (both now dads) and to all the men out there building families and taking on the job of fatherhood like real men.

How are you celebrating Father's Day this year?


Image via shaycarl/YouTube

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