Delirious Boy Gets Sweetly Sentimental With Dad Following Surgery (VIDEO)

Tchad wisdom teethhis starts out like just one more video of a kid with a case of the post-oral surgery sillies. (And what a case of the sillies it is! Chad's dentist definitely gave him way better meds than I got when I had my wisdom teeth pulled out.) But Chad is more than merely silly. Turns out when this kid is wacky on the junk, he turns into a total sweetheart ... mostly.

I'm sure his dad thinks so, anyway. (His mom, maybe not so much.)


See, Chad is on the phone with his father while mom hovers in the background fetching ice cream, trying to convince her son to take a nice nap ("Okay, but I'm not tired!" Chad insists, sounding suspiciously like a drowsy 2-year-old) and reminding him that Russians are not in fact "bad guys."

Then dear old dad gets on the phone. I'm guessing he was taken off-guard when instead of a "Hey, what's up," his teenage son greeted him with a jubilant "Dad! I love you! When are you coming home to see me?"

But it gets even better. Chad is worried he might have to go back to the dentist for more surgery, but his dad assures him that's not the case.

"Well, you're really smart. And I trust you more than I trust mom," says Chad. (Ouch! Get your own damn ice cream, ungrateful kid!)

"Mom won't lemme have Panda Express," he continues. "Just soup and Arizona ... yeah, Smoothie King! If you want you can get me a Smoothie King, but don't spend lots of money because we have to save our money for like the Great Depression ... why are you laughing at me?!"

But that's not even my favorite part ...

I think my favorite part is when Chad promises to build his dad a "really nice house" for when he's old. ("We could put elevators in it! What do you think about that, Dad?")

Too funny. Happy early Father's Day, Chad's dad!

Do you think Chad is this nice to his dad all the time?


Image via chaddy1523/YouTube

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