What 10 Popular Father's Day Gifts Really Say to Dads

Father's Day gift
Time to fire up the grill, because Father's Day is just around the corner. Unlike all those other Sundays where we dads are super busy crossing tons of items off the To-Do lists our beautiful wives give us (regrout the bathroom tile, paint the garage, vacuum out the inside of the cars), Father's Day is a day of rest. It's the one day a year we get to just relax, drink some beers, and watch sports on TV.


Father's Day is also all about the gifts. We know where guys are concerned, size normally matters. But trust me when I say it really is the thought that counts. And you know us guys, always thinking. Just be aware that sometimes the gifts you give us dads can send the wrong message. We're kinda insecure like that.

Take these 10 popular Father's Day gifts, below. Here's what they really mean in our warped minds.

The gift: A tie
What it says to dad: You are so incredibly boring to shop for, I give up.

The gift: A baseball cap
What it says to dad: You're bald. Accept it or hide it.

The gift: The Real Man's Guide to Grilling Cookbook
What it says to dad: Your chicken is dry. Like the Sahara.

The gift: A portable GPS
What it says to dad: You can't even find the tip of your nose without directions, not like you'd ever ask for any.

The gift: A leather belt
What it says to dad: The world would be a better place without your plumber's crack in it.

The gift: Cologne or aftershave
What it says to dad: Beer and pizza is (shockingly) not an alluring aroma.

The gift: Pajamas
What it says to dad: Those white undershirts just aren't doing it.

The gift: Slippers
What it says to dad: Your ugly toes make me want to hurl.

The gift: A nose-hair trimmer
What it says to dad: I didn't know I was marrying Bigfoot.

The gift: Fifty Shades of Grey
What it says to dad: The kids couldn't even bother getting me anything and my wife thinks I suck in bed.

What is the dad in your life getting for Father's Day?

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