Does Having Kids Make Moms Less Ambitious? (VIDEO)

Most of us have had to make the choice at one time or another between boosting our career and maximizing time with our kids. Monica Kapoor, one of the ensemble cast of MAMMA MIA! on Broadway, really swam against the tide of her profession when she went from being a featured player in the show back to being a part of the ensemble.

Most people who are pursuing showbiz as a career know that the time to do so is short; you don't see a lot of 50-year-old dancers hoofing around the stage. So opting out is even more chancy than it is for most people ... but Monica wouldn't have it any other way.


At some point, she tells us, her desire to be a lead in the show just sort of went away ... it became much more important to be able to have a family life with her daughter and husband rather than spending all her offstage time chasing stardom.

I think many of us can relate to that change in ambition. Did your ambitions change after becoming a mom?


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Image via CafeMom Studios

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