21 Outrageous Things Your Toddler Is Thinking About You (PHOTOS)

Ericka Sóuter | Jun 19, 2012 Being a Mom
21 Outrageous Things Your Toddler Is Thinking About You (PHOTOS)

little girlThere is one universal truth for every child -- my parents are going to embarrass me ... BIG TIME! They may not be able to express themselves just yet, but trust us, these little angels are annoyed, shocked, and mortified by so much of what we do. 

Check out these 21 tots who wish they could give mom and dad a piece of their mind.

What is the most embarrassing thing your toddler thinks you do?


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  • Make up your mind!


    Image via boltofblue/CafeMom

    "You tell me not to hit but then I get spanked when I do. Talk about a double standard!"

  • OMG!


    Image via steelcage/CafeMom

    "Mommy, glad you enjoyed that girls' night out. Your red shirt goes awesome with your eyes!"

  • I can't look!


    Image via abureyluv/CafeMom

    "I know you think those lace leggings are hot but they are too tight, too see-through, and about 20 years off trend!"

  • Oh no you didn't!


    Image via pinkprincess008/CafeMom


    "Someone needs a time-out and it's not me!"

  • Hold up!


    Image via .KFeatherable./CafeMom


    "Wait one minute, mommy! You really gotta wear Spanx with that."

  • Unbelievable!


    Image via aubreyluv/CafeMom

    "I don't know why people don't brush before they get all up in your face with their goo-goo, gaga jibberish."

  • That's an earful!


    Image via mamafatty2/CafeMom


    "Not that I don't love hearing you complain about Nana, but have you confused me for your therapist?!" 

  • Oh boy!


    Image via K-Chan

    "Should I tell her that her underwear is showing or should I let this be payback for scolding me in front of my friends?!"

  • Oh the shame!


    Image via Kelseyclarah/CafeMom


    "Are you really taking me to the play gym with your hair like that? I know you don't have time to shower, but it takes 10 seconds to run a comb through that hair!"

  • Geesh!


    Image via Mommie_2_Boys/CafeMom

    "I hate to be the one to break this to you but midriff tops are not for moms of four."

  • Pee-yew!


    Image via Della03/CafeMom


    "I'm not eatin' that! And you think my diapers are stinky?!"

  • Silence is golden!


    Image via karla85/CafeMom


    "What do I think of your outfit? You always told me if I don't have anything nice to say not to say anything at all, so ..."

  • Yum!


    Image via itskaclek/CafeMom

    "Believe it or not, this tastes better than that casserole you made us eat last night."

  • Hue gotta be kidding!


    Image via gum.drop/CafeMom


    "I know I didn't put your makeup on right, but to be honest this green doesn't look much better on your eyes either!"

  • That stinks!


    Image via 1979mommy/CafeMom


    "So I get in trouble for calling my little brother 'stupid head' but you throw an F-bomb at our noisy neighbor and there's no time-out! How is that fair?"

  • Seriously?


    Image via steelcage/CafeMom


    "Twilight AGAIN. The only thing more creepy than the movie is all the 30-something women who are obsessed with it."

  • Get real!


    Image via JuneDiva629/CafeMom


    "Enough with the reality TV. If you want real life drama, trust me, there is plenty coming your way when I hit 13."

  • Oh no!


    Image via emeraldangel20/CafeMom


    "Hmmm. A bikini? Well, don't worry mommy. You still have two weeks to diet before we go on vacation."

  • WTF!


    Image via Sunshine2plus2/CafeMom


    "The crazy stuff you do to your hair is one thing, but I draw the line when you pull that crap with my 'do!"

  • Oh dear!


    Image via 99secrets/CafeMom


    "Mommy, maybe that tight velour sweatsuit isn't a good idea. You look like you were poured into that thing and forgot to say 'when.'"

  • Is she serious?


    Image via .KFeatherable./CafeMom

    "If I had a bigger vocabulary, I would totally tell your sister what you just said about her!"

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