Stand-Up Comedian Tests Out His Jokes on a Baby (VIDEO)

laughing baby stand-upOh, I could watch babies laugh all the livelong day. Couldn't you? Laughing baby videos should be, like, a patented form of therapy. 

This laughing baby video in particular is quite the effective mood-booster. Because not only is this baby 1. cute and 2. laughing, he's actuallly doing his dad a huge favor.

See, this baby's dad is stand-up comic John Ramsey, and when daddy needs a test audience, he need look no further than the smiley little dude in a onesie right there ...


Who happens to think Daddy is super-hilarious! Just watch:

Awww! What a giggly little guy.

(Though not exactly what I'd call a tough crowd.)

Does it always cheer you up to watch babies laughing?


Image via johnramseycomedy/YouTube

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