'Transit of Venus' Reenactment & Other Ways to Have Fun With a Pregnant Belly (VIDEO)

Transit of VenusIf you missed the Transit of Venus, that rare passing of Venus between the Earth and the sun that happened earlier this week, never fear. The next one won't happen until 2117, but you can watch an incredible reenactment of it right here on a pregnant woman's belly.

One clever couple decided to replicate the whole phenomenon with a string and what appears to be a felt circle of some kind. It's completely silly but also pretty hilarious, and you know they're having fun. Behold the Transit of Venus on a really big, pregnant belly.



Okay, so maybe it's not the most impressive thing ever, but it's cute, and you can tell they had fun doing it. And that's what matters. Pregnancy is full of plenty of hard stuff, so you have to take those moments to just enjoy it too.

My biggest antics involved putting a television remote on my belly and watching it dance (I think I did it for hours), but other people come up with plenty of fun and creative ways to celebrate and commemorate their pregnant bodies including things like:

Painted Bellies -- I love this collection of amazing and creative ones women have done.

Belly Casts -- What fun to smear that stuff all over your big, round, tummy, and what a great keepsake.

Nude Pregnancy Pictures -- Celebrities do it all of the time. If you're into it, why not?

Time-Lapse Videos -- This is one I regret not doing. While the time and effort would have been a challenge, I adore this video and others I've seen.

And if you haven't tried it yet, the remote thing really is a lot of fun too.

What's the most fun you have had with your pregnant belly?


Image via YouTube

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