'Things Crunchy Dads Say' Was Totally Worth the Wait (VIDEO)

shit crunchy dads sayRemember the whole Sh*t So-and-So Says craze? I was pretty sure that was over and done with, but now, several trends later, one last addition to the viral series is here -- and it also happens to be one of the funniest of all.

It's only fair, really. Crunchy mamas gave their (hilarious) two cents, so why shouldn't crunchy dads get a turn?

Produced by Mama Natural, the same site that gave crunchy mamas a voice, Sh*t Crunchy Dads Say is funny because it's so spot-on -- and because it's the first parody of its kind (as far as we know). Hey, there are apparently so many crunchy dads now, we can actually poke a little fun at them! Way to go, guys!


See if you recognize your crunchy fella in this clip:

So many great lines in there!! A couple of my faves:

"Honey, do we have any normal toothpaste?"

"Ask my wife."

"No more red pepper sticks until you finish your hummus."

"Give him the boob."

"I prefer the freedom of a ring sling."

"They got my foreskin, but they'll never get my son's."

Oh man, I gotta go watch it again!

What does the "crunchy dad" in your life say?


Image via MamaNaturalBlog/YouTube

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