Gun Toting 3-Year-Old Shocks Cops During Traffic Stop

smoking gun

It takes a lot to stun a cop these days. After all, they are contending with flesh-eating zombies now.

But a Chicago policeman was completely caught off guard when, during a routine traffic stop, he found a 3-year-old girl waving around a loaded handgun.

When police pulled over 19-year-old Queshawn King, they noticed two kids in the car, neither strapped in car seats nor wearing seat belts. That should have been the worst thing that they discovered.


Instead, when a sergeant peered through a side window, he saw a little girl clutching a 9 mm pistol. Cops said King allegedly passed the deadly weapon to the tot in the hope that they wouldn't notice it.

The officer tried to take the gun from her, but the frightened girl threw it on the floor instead. Loaded with eight rounds, it was by sheer luck the gun didn't go off, said the cops. They could have been shot. One of those kids could have been shot. So the end of this particular tale comes with a great deal of relief but also rage.

What kind of adult would give a 3-year-old a gun? A LOADED GUN! It doesn't even make sense. Now, it's not clear whether or not King is the parent. If he is, he doesn't need to be one. If he isn't, well, what kind of mom or dad leaves their kids with someone that would be so reckless and cowardly?

King was booked on weapons and endangering a child charges. If he is found guilty, forget the cell. Lock him under the jail for a very long time. But he may not be the only one who deserves punishment. Those parents have some serious explaining to do too.

Do you think the parents should be held responsible for what happened to this toddler?


Image via The Knowles Gallery/Flickr

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