Girls Get Hilariously Tongue-Tied Trying to Say 'Popsicle' (VIDEO)

popsicle girlsI secretly love it when little kids mispronounce words. It's soooo cute!

When my daughter was a toddler, she used to drop the "s" from the beginning of every word that began with "sp," as in:

Mommy, I need a 'poon for my yogurt. Uh-oh, I 'pill my yogurt!

And I still love my son's original attempt at the word "binoculars": bee-KNOCK-ee-luhrs.

So I can't get over the adorable-ness of these two little girls tackling that summertime tongue-twister, "popsicle." Hey, that's a tough one! Especially considering their tongues are probably a little numb from those ... pocky-does? Pop-a-cycles? Poppadils?


I think my favorite part is when the mom behind the camera asks one of the little girls what word she's trying to say and she just holds up the empty popsicle wrapper, like, Really? If I knew how to say it, obviously I wouldn't be having this problem!

Aww, is your heart melting just like a poppy-cook-a-doo in the hot sun?

What words does your toddler have a tough time saying?


Image via photomatic951/YouTube

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