Babies' First Taste of Sour Lemon Is Actually Quite Sweet (VIDEO)

baby recoiling from tasting lemonYou know we here at The Stir can't resist an adorable baby video. That's because, quite often, the cuteness stems from the kiddos doing something for the very first time. Something we adults totally take for granted now that we're all grown-up. Something as simple as ... realizing what sour tastes like for the very first time. Take this new compilation of babies eating sour citrus fruits and reacting with little squished faces and completely offended or fascinated expressions. So funny!

You might recognize some of these kiddos from our very own round-up of cute tots trying lemons and limes for the first time. But watching them plus others in succession -- set to the tune of "Bittersweet Symphony" -- certainly makes for a different, however equally hilarious experience. Check it out ...


HA, see what I mean? How the simple action of a lil' kid recoiling from the sourness of a fruit is beyond entertaining?! At the same time, I can't help but think ... Awww, poor kiddos. It's like their first reality check with the, well, occasional bitterness of life.

But, on a less existential level, you could see it as their introduction to a new flavor that they might ultimately adore. After all, Sour Patch Kids candy does exist and is pretty darn popular with the middle school crowd! I was never one to go for those, or even the occasionally tart Jolly Ranchers, but I sure remember having friends who adored sour candy. Guess they were the babies in this video whose eye transformed from twitchy to twinkly after getting his or her taste buds kicked by a bitter note. Just seeing that slight shift on their little faces is downright awesome.

How cute is this? Do you remember the first time your little one tried a sour fruit?


Image via manoj555111/YouTube

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