Men With Fake Pregnant Bellies? No Thank You!

Between his mixed martial arts fighting, his acting (under the mystifying nickname "The Reidernator"), his onetime marriage to a well-known English model, and his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, Alex Reid is apparently somewhat of a household name in Britain. Personally, I hadn't heard of him until this week, when I saw a photo of him sporting a large pregnant belly.

The image is fairly ... uh, eye-catching, I guess. There's Reid, with his rugged fighter's face (including telltale cauliflower ears) and muscles on display—along with a full-on baby bump.

Reid reportedly donned the fake belly in order to show his pregnant fiancée that he empathizes with her condition, but to me it not only comes across as a painfully lame publicity stunt, it's just plain disturbing.

Basically, here are the times I think it's appropriate or charming for a guy to wear a fake pregnant belly: NEVER.


I mean, for one thing, it just looks creepy. Call me close-minded, but I'm really not interested in seeing a dude stuffing his shirt to look like he's got a baby on board. A dude with an actual baby on board is one thing (and I can't lie, that image is pretty freaky to me too), but the fake preggo suit? Gross.

For another thing, the idea that wearing a pillow for like an hour can give a man any sort of real insight into what it's like to gestate a child? GIVE. ME. A. BREAK.

It seems like Reid was either trying to send his fiancée a sincere message that he cares about what she's going through—a theory that's pretty much negated in my mind by the ridiculous photos that include him fake-suffering his way through a variety of lame stereotypically female tasks like doing the dishes and mopping the floor, not to mention his annoying quote that he's not sure why they've been fighting, because "There are only two things I do wrong at the moment: everything I say and everything I do....I breathe wrongly and I get my throat jumped down,"—orrrrrrrrrr, you know, he's a cheesy famewhore who was hoping this stunt would pull in some press.

At any rate, I can't imagine that his fiancée will be swept off her (tired, swollen) feet by his little costume, but I've certainly been wrong before. Maybe "empathy belly" men will become the hot new thing. Hell, with enough men moaning and bitching about their fake pregnancies, maybe we'll get some better maternity leave policies around here.

What do you think of dudes wearing fake pregnant bellies? Hot or not?

Image via Flickr/Henry Scott

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