Hilarious Anesthesia Aftermath Makes Kid Feel 'Dizzaaay' (VIDEOS)

MattKids are funny enough as it is, but add some anesthesia to their little systems, and the results can be hysterical. You may recall David, the boy who rose to fame across the Internet after his parents posted his woozy words following a visit to the dentist's office. More than 111 million people have viewed his video, and now there's another little dude who just may be on his heels for his anesthesia aftermath.

His name is Matt, and he's a riot. He has a lot of fun with the word "dizzy" or "dizzaaay," as he says, and can't seem to say it enough in this crazy cool, tough guy voice. I don't know how much of his bravado is from the medicine, but he's one funny kid. When he says, "I just farted, you know what I'm sayin'? you seriously can't help but laughing.



I so want to meet this kid sober to see what he's really like.

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Now I know some people will say that it's mean for parents to put that out there, and that anesthesia is no laughing matter. But that's some funny stuff, and the world really could use some good laughs. Plus, he really doesn't seem like the kind of kid who would get embarrassed too easily either, now does he?

Here's more of Matt in a sequel video in which he's still pretty well under the influence. "Yo Daddy ... why you laughin'?"

Do you love this video or think it's wrong for parents to post things like this on YouTube? Is this or "David After Dentist" funnier?


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