Grandmother Gets Dying Wish to Meet Her Grandson (VIDEO)

Becky MoranSome people have entire bucket lists that outline the things they want to check off before they die, but for Becky Moran, there was just one thing she wanted to do -- meet her unborn grandson. For seven years she'd fought colon cancer, but as her daughter, Abbie Moran Cooper, neared the end of her pregnancy, her condition worsened. Bedridden and under hospice care, it looked like the 55-year-old would never get her wish to meet her first grandchild.

Then the call came that Abbie was in labor.


Her sister, Emmie Williams, told the station: "And she opened her eyes and said is the baby here?" So they rushed up to the hospital with the help of emergency workers, and there Moran's wish came true in a beautiful but heartbreaking scene. She was handed the baby boy, named Dennis Moran, and was able to kiss him and let him know she loved him. Abby told the station:

I will cherish that moment in my heart forever, she said she was proud of me and she called him little sweet pea like she always did.

In final gift to the baby it seemed, Becky held off dying until the following day. She'd said she didn't want to die on his birthday.

There is so much sadness in this story, but also such amazing joy. No, this grandmother won't be a part of little Dennis's everyday life or see him grow and change over the years, but he will know how much she loved him. We never know how much time we'll have with our loved ones, so any and every second must be cherished, as this one so obviously was and always will be.

Is there a relative or person in your life that has passed away that you regret your children will never know?


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