Toddler Throws Tantrum When Her 'American Idol' Favorite Loses (VIDEO)

tantrum girl

Any Jessica Sanchez fans out there feeling blue about how American Idol panned out for our girl? Aw, she'll be just fine. I think she's still going to have herself a great musical career. But I know of at least one Jessica supporter out there who is not taking this loss (let's call it a not-win) lightly. 

Meet Jessica's biggest -- well, littlest, actually -- fan. She literally threw a tantrum after American Idol. And her mom didn't quite know what to do about it. First she says, "It's not a big deal." Then she says, "She's a loser. She lost." And THEN, when that doesn't work she tries to convince her daughter that she's mistaken and Jessica really did win after all. Hah! You can't fool a true fan. Check it out.


Only the promise of a call to American Idol will appease this child. Oh little fangirl, I feel your pain. I really do. Now let's hold hands and repeat after me, "Loss makes us more resilient. Serenity now!"

Have your kids ever gotten really caught up in a contest show like American Idol?


Image via virtualgaga2/YouTube

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