Little Ballerinas Turn Dance Recital Into Boxing Match (VIDEO)

ballerina brawlWhat's funnier than watching a couple of 2-year-old ballerinas get into an onstage brawl? Frilly tutus, sparkly tiaras and all?

Honestly, nothing.

Nothing in the entire world is funnier than this video.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating ballerina-on-ballerina violence (lord knows the world of toddler dance is cutthroat enough!).

But there is something undeniably hilarious about seeing these miniature sugar plum fairies throw down Jersey Shore catfight-style.

Sorry moms, but I think you might want to consider trading in those ballet slippers for boxing gloves.

And don't forget about the rest of the dancers onstage ...


I LOVE the range of reactions from the other kids.

There are the total pros, determined to keep up with the choreography: The show must go on!

Then there are the rubberneckers: Fight! Fight! Fight! Whaddya mean, keep dancing? No way I'm gonna miss this!

I also love how the audience can't stop laughing. I mean, let's be honest -- this turned out to be a waaaay more entertaining toddler dance recital than anybody was expecting. (Even the teacher must have been amused -- did you see how long it took her to break up the scuffle?)

Something tells me these aren't the kind of tiny dancers Elton John was singing about.

Has your kid ever done something really funny onstage?


Image via ExGaming28/YouTube

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