Never-Ending Playdates Drive Dads Nuts

The never-ending playdateMoms, I need to talk to you about a very serious issue affecting us dads. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with your parents, those new shoes you bought, or even "getting busy." No, this one's all about the kids. Specifically, it's about playdates.

Don't get me wrong. I understand the value of a playdate. The kids get to interact with friends in an environment outside of school. It's fun and helps teach some great social lessons, yadda yadda. Whatever. I just want to know why they have to last so friggin' long?


I'm not talking about the kids who relentlessly whine that the playdate was "soooo short," even after spending six whole hours together. I'm talking about when I come home from a rough day at work at 7 p.m, the last thing I want to see when I pull into my driveway is a blue or white minivan that doesn't belong to me.

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I step in the house and instead of being greeted by my two sweet little boys ... there are four or five kids screaming and redecorating our living room with Lego architecture and stuffed animal wars. And not that I have anything against other moms. You're all awesome and smart and beautiful and did I mention skinny? But to have to start meeting new people or chatting about the weather at that point, welll, it's just exhausting.

I'm not a selfish person. And I'm far from a chauvinist. But why do I have to come home with a splitting headache from work to find my house a disaster, guests who've long overstayed their welcome (we're talking an hour or more past pick-up time), and then dinner not even started? These long playdates are great because they keep the kids occupied, but the downside is that they hijack my wife and my peace of mind.

Dads, on the other hand, well, we go the other extreme. When we pick up our kids, you're lucky to even catch our name, we're outta there so quickly. We don't like talking about the playdates, other than making sure our kids had a good time. So wives, take note of your husband's speedy pickup. Less yapping and more driving.

The next time you want to chat it up with a playdate's parent, why not set a lunch date? Or call her on the phone? Because if this keeps up, the only way I'm going to get some time alone with my family is if I set up a playdate with them first.

Do your playdates run extra long?

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