Watch Out, Goats! Hugging Toddler Is Coming to Get You (VIDEO)

baby with goatNow this kid is what I call an equal-opportunity hugger. It's his first time at the petting zoo, and would you look at this fantastic creature?! He doesn't know what it is, but he knows that animal needs a hug.

There, there, furry guy. Except -- oh man! There's like a hundred more of those furry guys! They're all over the place! 

And gee, now that he hugged the first what's-it-called, he doesn't want to leave the rest of them out ...


Yup, this toddler is just enchanted with the familiar barnyard creature we've all come to know and love as The Goat. And he's clearly a spread-the-wealth kind of kid.

This little boy is going to hug every last goat at this petting zoo if it takes him all day!

Has your toddler ever completely fallen in love with a certain kind of animal?


Image via StefMommy/YouTube

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