Most Common Birthdays Infographic is Surprising & Mesmerizing

Most common birthdatesThere are some weeks and months in which it feels like every single person I know has a birthday. I spend countless dollars and time on cards, gifts, and trying to come up with a witty Facebook post that says something besides "Happy Birthday." Then all of a sudden, nada.

I thought it was just random luck, but it turns out there's a science to it all, as some days are just more popular for births. Weird but true, and this cool interactive chart put together by Andy Kriebel of VizWiz shows which days are the most and least popular birthdays. It's pretty fascinating to play with. You just find your date, then hover over it and it tells you what rank out of 366 (leap day is included) you and your kids' days falls upon.

The most popular day to be born on is September 16, which isn't all that surprising given that's about nine months after the festive holiday season and New Year's Eve, but the least popular day is a bit of a shock. Any guesses as to what it is?


Besides February 29, which doesn't count since it doesn't happen every year, it's December 25. Now I know most people don't want their kids to have to compete with Christmas, and doctors surely avoid scheduling c-sections on this date, but it's pretty interesting that they're actually able to avoid it that well given how unpredictable birth is.

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It's easy to get sucked into this chart and start finding the dates for everyone you know. My son was born on August 5, which comes in at number 36, while my daughter's date of January 16 comes in at 322. That's a pretty big difference. I don't know that there's any significance in how many people were born on a given day, but like the most popular baby names list, it's fun to see just how our children rank in the world. Even more fun is counting back nine months to see just what was going that made certain days so popular.

Are you surprised to find how popular or unpopular your child's birth date is?


Image via VizWiz

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