Cute Kids Go Clubbing & Critique Dubstep Track 'Bangarang' (VIDEO)

kids review skrillex

Take a gaggle of kids from the U.K., plunk them into a hip nightclub with lots of crazy lights, and ask them what they think about the music. What do you get?

This adorable video.

Kids were invited to disco and asked to give reviews of the dubstep hit "Bangarang" by electronic music producer Skrillex. But it doesn't matter if you've never heard of Skrillex or dub-whatever, or Bang-whatsit -- because this scene is pretty freakin' cute.


OMG, they made it look like nightclubs were created just for little kids, don't they? I mean, dancing around in colored lights in funny clothes -- they let grown-ups do that too? What an upside-down world. And gee, I hope none of them registered these lyrics: "I'm eatin' Fun Dip right now/not givin' a f*ck." Anyway, here are my favorite lines.

"Daddy loves stubstep!"

"This song makes me feel crazy like I've eaten loads of sweets."

"This song makes me want to slap my sister's fat bum."

"I think grownups go to nightclubs because they always want to have parties. It's not fair!" (Okay, you got us!)

"I think he should be more like Elton John."

"I think nightclubs is stupid."

"They drink lots of drinks to keep them awake."

(Skrillex) "Looks like a crocodile!"

"I won't be his friend because I don't like people with piercings 'cause it makes them look fairly chavy."

"Where's the after-party?"

What do you think your kids would make of this song?


Image via Noisey/YouTube

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