Hilarious Threat From 7-Year-Old Girl Should Have Parents Quaking in Their Boots

password threat little girlBefore she was even 6 months old, my niece was fascinated with all things tech -- from iPhones to iPads and everything in between. It was only a matter of time before she was swiping anyone's Apple device in her path. You can imagine how she reacts when confronted with a passcode she doesn't know. (Although that's rare, being that mostly everyone in the fam has the same one.) Hello, extreme frustration!

For that reason, I totally buy why one 7-year-old girl was potentially threatened by password protection being installed on the family computer. She wrote her parents this hilariously threatening note -- on the stationery of choice for youngins: Orange construction paper, of course!


The memo from kid to parents (excuse the few misspellings -- she's only 7):

If you put a pas w ward on that I will make your life a nitemare.

Hahaha, oh my! Well, she told them, huh?

The little girl's older sister's friend, under the username suprisemailbox, posted the note on Reddit, and for the most part, the comments are funny (you know, versus cruel). Just about everyone seems amused -- or completely freaked out -- by this tough-talkin' kid! But how could you not be?! Kids are so darn entertaining when they're all riled up and making empty but adorable completely serious threats to grown-ups.

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Actually, I wouldn't put that whole "make your life a nitemare [sp]" part past any kid who is blocked from getting online. Seriously, this note isn't just a total laugh riot. It is also a major lesson to parents, aunts, uncles, any authority figure. Watch your back. When kids are given access to shiny, bright, web-surfing gadgets and then it's taken away, there will be hell to pay!

Does this crack you up? What's the funniest angry note your kid has ever written you?

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