9 Crazy Outfits Created by Kids (PHOTOS)

Julie Ryan Evans | May 15, 2012 Being a Mom

crazy outfitLong ago, when I dreamed of my future children, I saw them in clean, adorable outfits, preferably those from European designers (hey, I was dreaming.). Yeah right.

Getting clothes (or more specifically the clothes you want) on a toddler is one of the most challenging tasks known to moms. They have opinions (and STRONG ones) about them, and often insist on doing it themselves, which would be great ... if they had a freaking clue what they were doing. Instead they come out in the craziest, most mismatched messes ... and then expect us to take them out in public like that. They refuse to make any distinction between "dress up clothes," pajamas, and the "real" clothes, and there you are in the grocery store with Batman.

It's a good thing they're cute, and like so many other things with parenthood, we often just have to let go of what we thought things would be like, and just let them be. Here are eight adorable kids who dressed themselves.

What crazy outfits do your kids wear?

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