3-Year-Old Gets Her Groove On to Gotye's Hit Song (VIDEO)

Girl dancing in car seatThere are plenty of cute kid videos out there that will make you smile, but this one will not only give you your daily giggle but also make you pretty jealous of the amazing rhythm this 3-year-old girl possesses. Her name is Grace, and she car dances better than most people dance in a club.

She is feeling the rhythm and the emotion of the song -- "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye -- with moves and what appears to be a deep understanding well beyond her years. She gives new meaning to the phrase "feel the music."


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Tell me she didn't at least have you swayin' along to the music too? Right around 1:01 is my favorite part with that heartfelt fist-pump action. 

Watching kids dance is the best because they're so uninhibited. Usually, that means clumsy, silly, and just fun. This girl, however, has some real talent, and I hope her parents get her into dance lessons soon to capitalize on it ... or at least take more videos of her dancing. If she can do that in a car seat, I'd love to see what she could do with an entire floor at her feet.

Do your kids have rhythm? What kind of music moves them?


Image via YouTube

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