3-Year-Old Little Rocker Air-Drums in His Sleep (VIDEO)

nirvana kidOf all the incredibly cute, funny videos lately featuring kids doing incredibly cute, funny things in backseats of cars (singing, falling asleep while eating, etc.), THIS is my absolute favorite.

Because not only does this 3-year-old wake up happy, he wakes up on the beat!

And personally I give his big brother and sister a lot of credit for bypassing that whole "Wheels on the Bus" phase and going right for the good stuff (Nirvana's "Breed").

Truly, this child's air-drumming talents are something to see. I don't know his name, so I'm just gonna call him mini-Dave Grohl.


I'm thinking mini-Dave Grohl's future as a rock star is looking pretty bright.

I mean, he can drum in his sleep! Watch:

His timing is incredible, right?

Do your kids display any early sings of musical talent?


Image via estebanreyes83/YouTube

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