26 Reasons to Love Being a Mom -- Right Now

Ever think about the mundane things we do, as moms, every day -- day in and day out? The little things ... the things that we would most certainly miss if they were to stop tomorrow. I have been thinking a lot about what being a mom means to me -- and so with that -- I have made a promise to myself to start appreciating my kids, and the time we have together, more. To not just get through each day -- but really enjoy each day -- because before we turn around these adorable little kids of ours will be all grown up.

Below are 26 things that I truly love about being a mom every day ... the moments that I sometimes take for granted ... just because they are a part of the daily routine.


1. Watching my kids when they sleep.

2. I love getting my kids off the bus. I only do this once a week, and their grandpa gets them the other four days. But on that one day a week I get the most amazing smiles and giant bear hugs.

3. Watching television with my kids because they constantly sneak a look over my way to see if I am really watching -- and when they realize I am, they smile and start talking to me about how silly Doofenshmirtz is.

4. I can't stand when my son insists on jumping back and forth from the front seat of my car to the back seat -- over and over again -- while I am trying to get him buckled in so we can get to wherever we have to go -- but it is so freaking hard to resist his smirk and giggle. How can I get mad at that?

5. I will miss doing my daughter's hair when she is too old to want/let me.

6. When my kids have nightmares I feel terrible for them, but I secretly love that they are crawling into bed for a cuddle.

7. I love that I can make them feel safe simply by being in the same room with them. If only I could make them feel that safe always ...

8. I love watching them charge full speed at my husband as he wrestles with them (even though I cringe, fearing someone will accidentally gets hurt.)

9. I get annoyed when I have to get up and get a third cup of milk in the middle of dinner -- but I would miss it if it went away. 

10. I love watching them dance. They are so uninhibited and happy ... I can and will suffer through multiple boy bands to watch them.

11. I love watching (and listening to) them with their friends. They act like such big kids and they do and say the cutest things.

12. When they play kitchen and hand me a menu with every single item spelled wrong. Because -- well -- part of the fun is figuring out what the hell the menu says.

13. My son sleeping with his puppy blanket.

14. Having to bribe them to eat the damn broccoli on their plate.

15. Reading to my son every night. (This has already ended with my daughter -- she is reading Judy Blume and doesn't need me anymore.)

15. Setting up the bath for them -- which isn't that frequent any more because who has time for a bath every day!? Showers are so much faster. But they still love "swimming" in the bath every once in a while.

16. The way my daughter organizes her 17 (yes, I said 17) Beanie Boos on her bed every single morning. And she totally knows if we move them around.

17. The way my son still asks me to wipe his butt (okay -- you know what ... I am pretty certain I won't really miss this one)

18. Getting to pick out their clothes each night.

19. Checking their homework each day when I get home from work. I secretly love finding mistakes because it makes me feel like I have helped teach them something.

20. Both of my kids constantly stealing my iPhone and the cat and mouse chase that ensues.

21. Watching my kids play together for hours and hoping they stay best friends throughout their entire lives.

22. The fact my kids jumped for joy when they found out their grandparents were watching them the other night because "Grandpa always falls asleep and Grandma can't control us."

23. Playing tag with them at the park because they can't catch me. Oh yeah -- I can outrun a 5- and 7-year-old like nobodies business!

24. Their love for dessert and my having to field their constant request for some (fueled, no doubt, by my mother.)

25. The visible joy on their faces when they figure out how to do something on their own ... anything from riding a two-wheeler to completing a new level on a video game.

26. The random "It's a nice day out, can't we please have a picnic outside on the front lawn?"

What are some every day things your kids do that you love?

And hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day

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