Mother's Day Is a Day for Mom to Recharge ALONE

We moms work hard all year round, so when Mother's Day comes around every May, we deserve a break. For me, Mother's Day is not a day for family time (that is every other day), it's a day for brunch, yoga, some shopping, a run here or there, and a night out with just my husband.

Sure, I love Mother's Day morning and being fussed over by my children, but generally speaking, I like solitude and peace and quiet on my Mother's Day.

I know I am sort of alone in this. Adriana Velez explains in her post why Mother's Day is a family day. And while I see her point, I just can't agree.


Mother's Day is a day of rest. And while I adore my family and love spending as much time with them as I can, I also get so little time to myself, the best gift I could get would be that and that alone.

Last year, I had a perfect day of rest, shopping, running, and yoga while my husband took the kids. This year, I won't be as lucky as we are spending it with family. But as my gift, I will get a day to myself, just not the actual day.

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It's so important for moms to get time to themselves, whether on Mother's Day or any other day. It's just easier to claim on Mother's Day. I say moms owe it to themselves to take time to get their nails done, get a massage, or do whatever helps them recharge.

If they take Mother's Day as their own, then they will come back recharged and ready to be better parents. It's a win for all.

I adore my kids, but I get one day a year to myself. There was time when every day was my own. So in the spirit of giving that has me handing over 364 days to the care of others, I would like to celebrate my day by caring for myself and only myself. 

Is that really so bad?

How do you like to spend Mother's Day?


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