A Mother's Day Without Kids Is Depressing as Hell

my guysOf course I want to spend Mother's Day with my family! This is a holiday that celebrates a key relationship in my life: My relationship with my son. For me it's kind of like an anniversary of becoming a mom. And I want my family around me for that celebration.

I'll have my birthday (which comes a few days after Mother's Day) all to myself. For Sasha Brown-Worsham, Mother's Day alone sounds like heaven. But spending Mother's Day alone just sounds lonely to me. I want to spend the day basking in the adoration of my two favorite guys.


Here's how I'd love Mother's Day to go this year: My husband and son let me sleep in a bit and then bring me breakfast in bed. My son has made me some sort of hand-drawn card. Sweet! I get lots of hugs. 

Eventually I pull myself together and we stroll someplace nearby for brunch -- it's one of those froofy restaurants that I like, with rose water lemonade and blueberry ricotta crepes. Then we'll go to the Botanic Gardens or maybe an art museum. (Not the playground. We will stay very far away from all typical kid venues.)

Maybe it's because I only have one child and he's a very chill 8-year-old, so spending time with my son is relatively peaceful. But hanging out with my boy is a pleasure, not a chore. I mean, I'm still not doing any work on Mother's Day. Cooking and cleaning are all on my husband. But for me, Mother's Day is about us, not just me.

Do you like spending Mother's Day with your family, or do you want some alone time?


Image via Adriana Velez

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