3-Year-Old Sings 'Good Girl' Like She's Had a Lifetime of Heartbreak (VIDEO)

3 year old niece singYou know that friend you have with the boyfriend who treats her like dirt?

Of course she never listens to your advice, but this 3-year-old girl would straighten her out in no time flat.

Just watch the way she sings along to "Good Girl" by Carrie Underwood:

He's no good, girl/Why can't you see?

He'll take your heart and break it/Listen to me, yeah!

We're listening, we're listening!


This kid sings with such feeling you'd swear she had a lifetime of heartbreak.

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Why, why? Why you gotta be so blind?!?!

Why indeed.

See what I mean? Ah, better to have loved and lost, little girl ...

Have you ever seen a toddler sing with this much emotion?


Image via My3yearoldniece/YouTube

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