9 Books for Mother's Day By the Best Writers We Know

readingHave you gotten a look at the calendar? Mother's Day is coming up fast! And you haven't bought a gift yet, have you? Don't worry; we've got your back.

The thing is, flowers are just going to get knocked over by the cat. Chocolate is just going to be eaten by the kids. But books, ah, books give her an excuse to go hide in the bathtub with a lot of bubbles and laugh her way through the pages. And have we got a list that's just made for Mother's Day!


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We take motherhood and writing seriously here at The Stir, which is why you shouldn't be surprised at the crazy number of authors in our ranks. Does your mom want funny? We've got it. Sexy? Got that too. And there's even some celebrity in here!

What book is on your Mother's Day list this year?


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