5 Adorable Kids Demonstrate Mad Sleep Eating Skills (VIDEOS)

toddler fighting sleep for ice creamBeing a toddler is exhausting work. What with the potty training, the tantrums, and the endless display of insanity, it's no wonder the Sandman sometimes tries to tackle them at the worst possible times -- like when they're eating something really good.

Of course, toddlers are stubborn if nothing else, so they're certainly not going down without a fight. Some even manage to eat and sleep simultaneously, which is pretty darn entertaining. Here are five kids who make a valiant effort to fight off sleep for food, such as this first guy, Mason, who REALLY wants to eat his ice cream cone. He's just soooooo sleepy though.



For this next little girl, Elle, it's corn that she's fighting the Sandman for. Even with all of the noise and commotion, she just can't keep those eyes open.

Chocolate cake is the thing for this next little guy. He ate all of his dinner to earn it, but the fight to eat it was even more of a challenge.

Here's another boy for whom ice cream is the treat he just doesn't want to let sleep defeat.

Finally, there's this little guy who seems to have mastered the art of sleeping and eating simultaneously until the very end when sleep wins ... as it always does eventually.

Have your kids fallen asleep while eating?


Image via YouTube

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