18 Rudest Pregnancy Comments We've Ever Heard

18 Rudest Pregnancy Comments We've Ever Heard

frownLeave it to family members, strangers, and friends to pretty much ruin a woman's pregnancy with their insensitive comments. Seriously, what are some people thinking when they make these remarks and ask these questions of expectant moms? We have no idea but we've rounded up some doozies from the CafeMom community, anonymously of course, to marvel at the cluelessness all around ...

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  • Nice Boobs!


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    "I bet you're liking those boobs! They look nice cause she's pregnant, but they probably won't after she has the baby." (To the husband of a mom-to-be while they were out shopping.)

  • Can I See Your ID?


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    "Teen pregnancy is destroying our nation -- you shouldn't be thinking about sex, let alone having a baby." (Said to a married 21-year-old mama.)

    "You look too young to be having a baby ... "

  • Big Is Not the Word


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    "God, you're gigantic."

  • Are You Sure ..


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    " ... there's a baby in there?" (To a first-time mama not showing in a big way.)

  • Baby Bump


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    "You are too round for us to be doing the nasty anymore."

  • Calorie Police


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    "Are you going to be eating those all by yourself?" (To a mom buying donuts at the grocery store.)

    “Did you even have time to lose the weight from the first one?”

    When were you due, like, yesterday?"

    "How much weight have you gained?"

  • Fortune Tellers


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    "I'm sure your baby's going to come early -- there's no way you could make it all the way to your due date." (The mama politely asked the woman to see her medical degree.)

  • The Gender Question


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    “Oh no! STILL no boy?” (or girl!)

    “So are you trying for a (girl/boy) this time?”

  • Men!


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    "My father-in-law with my last (second) pregnancy when we told them we were expecting: 'So you guys aren't smart enough to figure out what causes this yet?' Ass. Congratulations would have been just fine."

  • Not Your Breast, Not Your Business


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    "Are you going to breastfeed? Why not?"

  • Out of Line!


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    "I was at the grocery store one day, and knew several of the cashiers. Sarah looks at me and says, 'How far along are you?' I said almost 36 weeks. She decides to tell me that Candice, another cashier, just went into labor yesterday and gave birth to a stillborn after a full-term seemingly healthy pregnancy. This was with my first pregnancy, and I thought, well, if I was nervous before you sure DIDN'T put my mind at ease any!"

  • Stating the Obvious


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    "My daughter was overdue and I worked right up until I went into the hospital. It used to drive me nuts when I would get to work and people would say, 'You didnt have the baby yet?' Every day for a few weeks they asked the same thing. I was like, yeah I checked myself out of the hospital after I gave birth so I could come here. OBVIOUSLY I didnt have the baby yet!"

  • Just Really Bad


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    "Oh, that baby is so heavy to lift with you being pregnant (my 31 pound toddler). I had a miscarriage and blame it on lifting my toddler son." (said by a complete stranger)

    "When I first told my co-workers that I was having twins, at 6 weeks, my boss goes, 'Well, its still early.' Gee, thanks, like I want to lose my babies."

  • How Soon They Forget


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    "Now that I'm not having morning sickness all the time, and I'm finally starting to eat, my mom & grandma are CONSTANTLY saying, "You're eating AGAIN?" or "How can you STILL be hungry?" Well I'm pregnant! Duh. And I haven't gained not one pound since being pregnant, so I think I can eat whatever I want!"

  • Daddy of All Comments


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    "Are you sure your husband is the father?" No you idiot, I just want to have anyone's kid! The conception date is right along with the week of us just having sex constantly ... but NO ... He couldn't possibly be the dad.

  • Fit to Be Tied


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    "Are you getting your tubes tied? You've been pregnant forever."

  • Bad Question Choice


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    From the baby's father: "You chose to keep it?"

  • Kiss Your Life Goodbye


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    "Hope you like getting your sleep now. You'll never have a night to sleep again" No shit. I've raised two of my three dogs and they still don't let me sleep through the whole night. Not to mention wake me up at 5 a.m. everyday ritually.

    "When people see me reading a book or just relaxing: "Oh you better get in all your reading now because in a few months you aren't going to be able to do that anymore.' "

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