A Mom's Biggest Enemy Is Bikini Season

mom beach babyBathing suit season can be a mom's worst nightmare and this has nothing to do with if she is in shape or not. Let's just think about what the typical woman without kids does in a bikini ... or even a one piece bathing suit. Imagine the sun shining down, a slight breeze in your hair, the smell of coconuts, and laying perfectly still with the sand in your toes soaking in the relaxation. Maybe you are working on a tan or reading a book or sipping a frosty beverage ... whatever it is you are doing, it's blissful. Perhaps you wade into the ocean or the pool to cool off. You have your sunglasses or your wide brimmed hat. You look good.

Now add kids. Kids make us contort our bodies in ways we didn't know possible. And that's why bikini season is really hard on moms.


You can take the most physically fit woman and give her a toddler on the beach and I guarantee she'll be forced to be in some awkward and unflattering positions while playing with the child. Sand may get in places it has no business being, and while anything without straps face the risk of being pulled down, things with straps beckon for little hands to pull on and un-tie. Sunglasses get broken, hats become toys. While we're busy putting sunscreen on the kids we forget to put it on ourselves and then we end up lobsterized and still having to contort through the sunburn pain.

How do we do it? We can't wear a scuba suit, right? I mean, we can but that takes all the fun out of bathing suit shopping. We shouldn't have to hibernate all summer long. This is why summer is a mom's enemy. Not only do we have to do all the sweat-inducing work during the hottest time of the year, but we have to do it with barely any clothes on. Oh summer, you are cruel!

Any mom who is in a bathing suit with a baby or toddler deserves praise. It's the ultimate sign that she hasn't given up and she is going to be who she is and she is strong enough to brave even the toughest scenarios. And this means no matter how many pounds she put on during the pregnancy and has yet to take off. None of that matters. Mama is going to bend, reach, lift, carry ... do it all ... in tiny pieces of clothing. And still manage to look amazing as she does it. Yes, you do. That is an art. Part of the art of motherhood.

Of course, having a cover-up on hand is always a good idea.

How do you brave bathing suit season with kids? Do you always cover-up? 


Image via oksidor/Flickr

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